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Mike Lindsay 12/03/2016
Using your gifts

David Lindsay 11/19/016

Mike Lindsay 11/12/2016
Talents vs Gifts

Wade Johnson 11/05/2016
Gods Plan

David Lindsay 10/22/2016
The depravity of sin

David Lindsay 10/15/2016
The Sovereignty of God

Mike Lindsay 10/08/2016
Gifted to Serve

Mike Lindsay 10/01/2016
Living Sacrifice

Mike Lindsay 09/24/2016
Burning Coals of fire

Mike Lindsay 09/17/2016
Vengeance is Mine

Mike Lindsay 09/10/2016
Live at peace with everyone

Mike Lindsay 08/13/2016
Bless those who persecute

Mike Lindsay 07/23/2016
Rejoicing in Hope

Mike Lindsay 07/16/2016
Serve the Lord

Raphael Mendoza 07/16/2016
Count the cost

Mike Lindsay 07/09/2016
Fervent in Spirit

Mike Lindsay 07/02/2016
Family loving family

Wade Johnson 07/02/2016
Are you plugged in

Wade Johnson 06/18/2016
We need Grace

Mike Lindsay 06/18/2016

Mike Lindsay 06/11/2016
How to love, how to hate

Mike Lindsay 05/14/2016
Protection from attack

Mike Lindsay 05/07/2016
A mothers faith

Mike Lindsay 04/30/2016
Truth in a world of lies

Mike Lindsay 04/23/1016
Having done all Stand

Mike Lindsay 04/16/2016
Our enemy

Mike Lindsay 04/09/2016
Slaves work as unto the Lord

Wade Johnson 04/09/2016
Principles for conflict

Mike Lindsay 04/02/2016
Children obey your parents

Mike Lindsay 03/26/2016
Believe, but would I really

Mike Lindsay 03/19/2016
A Kings entry

Mike Lindsay 03/12/2016
Husbands love your wives

Mike Lindsay 03/05/2016
Wives submit

Mike Lindsay 02/20/2016
Submit to one another

Mike Lindsay 02/13/2016
Speaking to one another

Mike Lindsay 02/06/2016
Walk carefully

Eleanor Johnson 02/06/2016

Mike Lindsay 01/23/2016
Be imitators of Christ

Mike Lindsay 01/16/2016
Stop grieving the Holy Spirit

Mike Lindsay 01/09/2016
How to know the future

Wade Johnson 01/02/2016
Grace full giving

Mike Lindsay 01/02/2016
Stopping the insanity