David Lindsay   12/09/17
Christmas 1

Mike Lindsay 11/25/17
Future of the Church pt3

Mike Lindsay 11/18/17
Ten Lepers and Thanksgiving

Mike Lindsay 11/11/17
Future of the Church 2

Mike Lindsay 11/4/17
Future of the Church part 1
(this is a re-recording at a different date, and there is along pause in recording toward the end, my apologies)

David Lindsay 10/28/17

Mike Lindsay 10/21/17

Mike Lindsay 09/02/17
Serious Love

Mike Lindsay 08/12/17
Leaving a legacy

Mike Lindsay 07/22/17
Salvation 8
The quality of faith that saves

Mike Lindsay 07/15/17
Salvation 7
The Age of the Patriarchs

Mike Lindsay 07/08/17
Salvation 6
A look at death.....and life

Mike Lindsay 07/01/17
Salvation 5
Gods first covenants with mankind....what did
salvation look like in the beginning?
NOTE that this is an edited version of the sermon...I had made a comment
about death in the garden that was not supported, which I deleted, and will
discuss in depth next week. Death is a key element in our discussion of Salvation
and needs to be looked at fully and studiously....not flippantly as I did...apologies.

Mike Lindsay 06/24/17
Salvation 4
Garden to Flood...how has mankind done on
his own?

Mike Lindsay 06/17/17
Salvation 3
Who's fault is it that we need to be saved...
who can we blame?

Mike Lindsay 06/10/17
Salvation 2
Why would we want anything to do with God?
and why oh why would He want anything to do
with mankind?

Mike Lindsay 06/03/2017
Introduction to Salvation

Mike Lindsay 05/29/17
Science vs God

Mike Lindsay 04/22/17
Are we auditing Christianity?

Mike Lindsay 04/15/17
He is Risen!

Mike Lindsay 04/08/17
Losing the battle

Mike Lindsay 03/25/17
We are at war!

Mike Lindsay 03/18/17
The Church Still Stands

Mike Lindsay 03/11/17
A loving God wouldn't
It seems we want to judge Gods right to act based on our own expectations. Is that right? And does God actually have emotions anyway?

Mike Lindsay  03/04/17
Waiting...in the Fathers arms

Mike Lindsay 02/25/17
Baptism....is it still valid today?

Mike Lindsay 2/18/17
 Who is the center of your universe....you or God. If there is no God, nothing matters....if there is a God, nothing else matters.

Mike Lindsay2/11/2017

Why a testimony? Is a testimony just a sob story of "how I got sober", or "how I fixed my marriage", or is it the story of how Gods plan for our lives collided with our own?

Daisy Lindsay2/11/2017
Daisy shares her testimony from childhood in a Christian home, to returning to Him as an adult.

Mike Lindsay2/4/2017
Discipleship requires discipline Following Christ does not happen without intentional, consistent, future focused work.

Mike Lindsay1/21/2017
Discipleship involves growth If we truly are a new creation in Christ, there must be growth. All living things by nature of their life have growth.

Mike Lindsay1/14/2017
You may not be saved The most dangerous thing we can do as pastors is to convince someone who has never truly trusted in Christ as their savior.....that they are saved.

Wade Johnson1/7/2017
Wade shares on the apostle Paul's presentation of what the Gospel is.

Mike Lindsay1/7/2017
From a rebel at an early (very early) age. To being faced with following God into ministry.